e x o s p h e r e

Synphaera Records presents its first imprint, Exosphere. Exosphere expands on the core Synphaera sound to include dark cinematic ambient, drone, atmospheric soundscapes, minimal electronic and deep space music. Available on Bandcamp, Amazon & iTunes.


Remote Vision - Birds Like Earth

“…and there are birds here. Birds like Earth.”

Remote Vision is Don Tyler’s (Ascendant) new solo project featuring an atmospheric blend of deep cinematic space and minimal electronic ambience.

Lingua Lustra - Nautilus

With dark, fathomless soundscapes and rich harmonic zones, Netherlands-based ambient composer Albert Borkent’s Lingua Lustra project drifts into the Exosphere with Nautilus, a deep dive through four atmospheric sound-worlds that spiral beyond the shell of reality.

Solaris - Chimera

“The artificial construct known as Chimera, a Type II planet on the Kardashev Scale - and some would argue Type III, see The Fourth Stage of Thought later in this book - is the illusive host to an advanced bio-system consisting of sentient machine-organic hybrid life.”

— From the introduction to Hybrid Skies: The Fourth Stage of Thought and the illusive Planet of Chimera